Join us for a Phascogale tube building workshop

Want to save this really unusual marsupial? Learn about this fascinating critter. Not many know about it, yet it is one of the most interesting Australian animals. Looks like a rat with a big bushy tail. They live in hollow parts of the tree branches. We’ve starting running workshops where you can help build a … Continue reading

Baby Owls

Yes, it is possible to attract an owl to your backyard. By installing a special owl box, you will provide a home to one of the most beautiful birds in Australia. The Southern Boobook owl. This year, I’ve been lucky. A pair of owls nested in one of my boxes. Now, causing all sorts of … Continue reading

Brush-tailed Phascogale nesting box

Introducing an exciting new design….Unlike other companies we are always researching ways to build feral bee resistant homes for native animals. In this particular instance we’ve carefully studied the Brush-tailed Phascogale that lives in the South-West of Western Australia. The current standard timber box for these critters is quite small but even then the feral … Continue reading

Feral bees sting birds to death.

Truth!!!!!   When you purchase a cheap nest box elsewhere then this will happen if they haven’t been specially bee-proofed. Fair enough I guess if you want to install bee boxes in the sky, but the native animals miss out. But, don’t despair …please call us. We offer a bee relocation service, at a cost, of course. You … Continue reading

Time-lapse of Barn owls at Bibra Lake

The City of Cockburn has installed several of my possum and owl nesting boxes at Bibra Lake. In front of one possum box I set up a remote trail camera. Now, I didn’t capture any possums, but a pair of Barn owls decided to check it out. The poor devils are so desperate for homes they’ll settle … Continue reading

Nine and a Half years

Recently I had the pleasure of returning to a clients home and checking the nest boxes for maintenance. They were installed Nine and a half years ago. Almost no signs of ageing. The paintwork was not cracked or chipped. No splitting of the plywood. They only required a quick clean out and lick of paint. … Continue reading

Ringtailed Possum finds a home

Sometimes caring for animals who need homes is like living on a little island. This is surrounded by a sea of humanity that don’t think much about the sharing this planet with the animals in this world. But every now and again I find an moving story regarding nesting boxes. This is one of them. … Continue reading

Do nest boxes really work??

Every now and again I get asked this question. Well, apart from my existing photos showing the birds interested in the boxes I decided to photograph some more elusive critters. The Barn Owl. I set up a camera close to one of my multiple-use large boxes and the proof is in the pudding as we … Continue reading

Bob the Barn owl finds a new home

Deep in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, lies a bush reserve called Bibra Lake. This falls under the local council umbrella named City of Cockburn. Thanks to these wonderful bunch of caring people, Bob the Barn Owl, has found a new home. As you may know Bob needs a very large and old tree … Continue reading