Australian Ringneck parrot in nest box

2 thoughts on “Australian Ringneck parrot in nest box

    • Hi Malcolm,
      Thanks for your email. I used Infrared analog cameras from this link,
      You can also purchase them from Jaycar electronics or Dick Smith in Australia. Some of them have audio which is important. The system is not wireless. It’s hooked up with Cat 5 cable. Even with wireless you must find a way to bring power up to the camera. With cable there is no interference. Also the standard camera does not have to be in the “Line of Sight” to receive a good signal.
      The transmitter and receiver I used is now obsolete .
      If I was to set it up again I would use this system.
      It is wireless but it would be the only type I would recommend. Line of sight is critical. It is also limited to about 80metres. There is a little 3.5mm jack on the side of the unit which you can connect a cable then back to a VCR or television
      Hope you find this useful,
      Good luck

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