A Box is not just a box, it's built with passion.

  • Quality: At the start we looked at where animals originally nest. These are in 200+ year old trees which have hollows that have developed over time. At natsync.com.au we believe in providing homes that have a great form of longevity. This means constructing the boxes with special non-standard materials.  For a start we don’t use nails. The boxes would fall apart in 12 months. We are concerned with the welfare of our beautiful animals and don’t think it’s in their interests in providing homes that fall apart quickly. All our fasteners are high quality stainless steel. Screws rusting and failing…No way. What about the type of glue we use? Industrial strength liquid nails is our answer. This is better than others who use standard PVA woodworking glue. Also to increase our strength on the box corners “biscuit type ” wafers are inserted into the timber. These swell and ‘weld’ together the timber. Some say it’s over engineering, we like to think it’s built to last. And what about the thickness of the walls. Well, we use 18mm external grade plywood. This timber comes from pine plantations not hardwood forests.
  • Factory Materials: Look carefully at our roof. Yes, covered with steel. Being subjected to our harsh Australian conditions a wooden roof quickly rots and breaks apart. Many of the nest box components are custom made in a sheet metal factory.
  • Design: Every part of our boxes have been carefully designed with care and thought. Check out the floor. Note the way the rain washes down the walls and immediately off the box. Some nest box builders just attach a floor straight onto the bottom. Easy to do but the water enters the wood fibres and it starts to rot. Who cares…we do. What about the person who wants to install their own box. Easy with ours.


    At the rear we have a hole that is in the form of a key shape in a 3mm steel bracket. This allows you to hang the box quickly without falling off a ladder while doing a balancing act of holding a box and yourself up there all at the same time. Waterproof???you bet…. Have a look at the overhanging roof which prevents water from entering the box. Animals like warm dry conditions just like us. Ever had a good look at the colour?? Notice it is gun metal grey. This is the colour the military use to blend their weapons of war into it’s surroundings. Well, we use the same. Our  boxes soak into the trees so good that it’s difficult to see them. This is to make it less obvious that there is a artificial home hanging there.

  • Uniqueness: Each box is quite unique. The hollow log on the front is never the same as the next one. Each has it’s own character and flavour.
  • Feral Threats: As many people know here in Australia the introduced European honey bee invades tree hollows and nest boxes. They sting and kill the inhabitants then take over filling the cavities with their honeycomb. Our company is constantly researching ways to prevent them from entering the boxes. Finally, we are at a stage where we can prevent 95% of these attacks. Our special design deters the bees making the boxes less attractive. There is no chemicals involved, totally safe for the animals.  When you look at other boxes why don’t you ask what they are doing  to stop the bees.

5 thoughts on “A Box is not just a box, it's built with passion.

  1. Hi Jan,
    I am located in Perth, Western Australia. I build nest boxes to order. It takes about two weeks to have them completed. It depends on where you are whether it is affordable to have one freighted to you or not. If you send me your location I will endeavour to inquire on freight costs if you like.
    Many thanks
    Joe Tonga.

  2. Hi Joe
    We’re keen to get some microbats at our house in White Gum Valley.
    Hope you can help.
    Regards, Gabriel

  3. Hi Gabriel,
    The “Summer ” bat box would be suitable for your area. Download the price list PDF file from the “prices and installation services” tab on the main page if you haven’t already done so. This would give you an idea of a budget to work to.
    Then give me a call on the mobile and I’ll take the order or email me.
    Keep in mind the location for the box needs to be very hot. The bats prefer the box to face from North-West to East.

  4. I am trying to find dimensions to build nesting boxes to put in around my place in south east queensland i have rainbow lorikeets, king parrots, rosellas, king fishers,honey eaters, finches, black cockatoos, doves, pardalotes, kookaburras, feathertail possums, owls.

    i am interested in providing boxes for the parrots the king fishers, feathertail possums, owls, pardalotes black cockatoos. all of the websites seem to provide all of the information for overseas birds dont we have this information on websites in Australia?

  5. Dimensions for nesting boxes vary according to the animal you wish to attract. There is an excellent book titled ” Nest boxes for Wildlife” by Alan and Stacey Franks. I would highly recommend this book as the authors come from Queensland. It is beautifully laid out with complete tables for dimensions.
    The ISBN number is 1-876473-20-7
    Good luck.

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