So Tiny, so precious,so beautiful….the Pygmy Possums

Pygmy Possum Tube 8

At we are excited about introducing a new product in our range of animal habitats.   This is not a nest box but a nest tube for the Pygmy Possums. Typical of our high standards it has a life expectancy of 45 years. It consists of two PVC tubes, one sliding into the other. The outer tube is coated with a special render that makes the it blend in beautifully with the bushes. Stainless steel components are used throughout ensuring many years of life. It also has special anti-cat barrier built into its design. This means the naughty feral pussy cats cannot put their paws through and grab the possums.

These possums is so small they weigh about 8-19 grams. It’s smaller than a house mouse. A appealingly attractive marsupial, you would never know it’s there until a possum tube is opened and there they are cuddled up on a bed of Eucalyptus leaves. Unlike other animals if they are in the neighbourhood they will find their new home quite quickly and take up residence.

They can be installed at chest height. No need to put them really high up into the trees.

We can ship them anywhere in Australia.

Special Introductory Price $85.00 only (GST inclusive)

Postage extra.

Pygmy Possum Tube 5

Please don't hurt me..

What's inside...they're sleeping.

What's inside...they're sleeping.

8 thoughts on “So Tiny, so precious,so beautiful….the Pygmy Possums

  1. We live in the City of Wanneroo in WA. We are interested in the nesting boxes, as are several other families in our area. How do we find out if there are pygmy possums or microbats in our area. Thanks.

    • Hi Anne,
      With the Pygmy possums it’s difficult to know if you have them unless you install a small tube nest for them.
      The Microbats are easy. In Summer ,just on dusk, look for something that flies around with a fluttery flight pattern. The Gould’s wattled tends to come out on dusk or slightly before. The only real way to know if it’s a bat or not is to purchase a cheap bat detector and listen.
      The “Baton” is only about $170.00 Aus and is available from England. This is a small hand held machine that listens to the echo location of the bats.

    • Sorry, don’t have time to show more complex photos. Just build a tube within a tube with cap at one end and double caps(anti-cat feature) at entrance.
      Go for it.

      • Thanks for the reply, Joe. I have actually thought of an entirely different way to provide nesting sites for them: I’ll drill a 38mm hole into a tree trunk about 150-200mm deep, then put plug in it and drill another smaller hole at about 45 degrees from underneath the plug into the horizontal one as an entrance. It remains to be seen if that is acceptable to the cute little critters. I’ll post some pictures of it when I have it done. At present I’m waiting for the 38mm self feeding drill bit I ordered.

      • Thats great Peter. The idea at the entrance is to stop cats from reaching in with their paws to grab the possums. So whatever you do to stop that is worth the effort.
        Love to see your homes in action. Well done.

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