The Brushtail Possum Box (plus tips to attract possums away from your roof)

The possum box is specifically designed to accommodate a full family of Brush Tailed Possums, that is Mum, Dad and two little ones. Within days of having one installed the possums will know that it’s there. To entice it to live in its new home it’s advisable to leave a Granny Smith green apple cut in half, one half in the box the other at the bottom of the tree.
The possums have an extreme sense of smell and will detect the apple very quickly.
If you have possums living in your roof space, and you want them removed, observe where they come out at dusk then block the hole so they cannot re-enter. If you have inadvertently left a possum in the roof set up a cat trap in the roof space with a green apple as bait. After catching the animal lower it through the ceiling then release it outside. Sprinkling baby talcum powder around areas where you think they are going will give you an idea of their movements.
Sometimes a sensor light attached to the roof rafters can work chasing them away.

4 thoughts on “The Brushtail Possum Box (plus tips to attract possums away from your roof)

    • Thanks Rob,
      It’s too easy for us humans to destroy the animals homes. It takes so long for a tree to grow (minimum 150 years) before it’s suitable for habitation by our magnificent creatures. I think it’s up to everyone to help in whatever way they can.

  1. I admire the work you are doing Joe. It must have taken a helluva effort to work out what would work with the many different birds and animals you are helping survive in both rural and urban areas. Thanks for the great effort.

    • Yes Wiliam, Every box was trialed & tested on the birds. I kept on knocking on my neighbours doors asking to install a nest box (no charge). I think I have about 30x boxes scattered around now. Bird heaven.

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