The Owl Box

It takes hundreds of years for a tree to provide a hollow large enough to support an owl, but you don’t need to wait that long. By installing an owl box there is a good chance you could be blessed with this king of the night. It’s something primeval and haunting at the same time to have one living in your garden.

We have designed the owl box after studying in depth their preferred type of hollow to nest in. They throughly enjoy this type of home because they like to roost near the top of the box(on the inside) just back in from the hollow entrance. During the day it’s possible to actually see the owl sleeping with tiny slits as eyes. Of course all the birds go berserk and scream alarm calls to warn their feathered friends of the danger in the neighbourhood. They know that they can be the next “take away” on the menu.

Just on dusk, as regular as clockwork it shuffles out to a perch which is on the front of the hollow entrance. Then off it goes gliding as smooth as silk, totally silent, off hunting for an evening meal. Sitting out the back near the box we watch it float past totally in awe with the hairs on our arms tingling with the experience.

This is nature at its best….

Listen to the sound of a Southern Boobook owl calling

2 thoughts on “The Owl Box

  1. Dear Sir/Madam
    last year i spied two ‘baby owls’ on the lower branches of our huge ficus – fully feathered and obviously out of the nest, magnificent! AT Christmas 2009 we were visited by the most magnificent ‘white’ owl, I think a barn owl, although unsure… recently I have seen him/her around again , we live in a suburban home with a very large garden, overgrown and a haven for small rodents – an owls paradise! I am trying to source a nesting box, can you advise on where I should go to source an appropriate house for my Owl (s) and how much one may have to pay for one.
    Also I would very much appreciate advice on ‘best’ aspects etc.
    Many thanks in anticipation

    • Hi Manda,
      The owls will have a home not too far away but the little owlets will need to have a roost at some stage. We sell owl boxes which will accommodate a family of Southern Boobook owls. Cost is $285.00.
      Due to the hollow log attached to the front of the box, it can be positioned at any compass orientation. The hollow prevents water from entering the box. It’s best to face the entrance towards a suitable viewing spot. eg a table where you sit for a cuppa.
      5 metres is a recommended installation height. We do offer an evaluation, delivery and installation service if you so desire.

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