The Pardalote Box

These birds are just simply beautiful to watch. They generally are difficult to observe because they are so small in physical size. They’re built more like a finch. How do you know if you have them in your garden. It’s the distinctive call which identifies them. A strong clear,sharp, “witta-witta” sound. They are very choosy in the size of the nesting box they require. After extensive research with birding experts we have designed, tested and trialled a suitable box for them.

Have a close look at the nesting material used in the box. Both male and female prepare the nest by bringing in with their beaks, tiny strips of grass. At the bottom there is a chamber the size of a tennis ball, leading up from this is a tunnel, about the size of a 20 cent coin. Talk about hard work.

After they have found the box, particularly when they are breeding, they zoom in like bullets towards the narrow entrance and seemingly don’t stop. You shake your head and wonder did it really happen. They do this to avoid predators.

At other times, they have wild bird parties and crowd around the box, hang upside down, while spreading their delta shaped wings looking pretty cool.

Another delightful Australian bird to watch…..great fun.

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