The Parrot Box


Having one of these in your garden will keep you throughly entertained by their antics and parenting behaviour. Watch the mum near the entrance cooing and making strange noises trying to entice the fledglings out from the nest. They all bunch up with their heads poking out trying to sum up the courage to jump and fly.

As the new tenants enjoy their home they are always on guard. Just wait till other parrots come by. Then it’s a big fight to see who wins ownership. When they start fighting the males lock claws, start falling out of the sky to land with a big bang on my shed. The parrots display quite visual behaviour while exploring the nest box. They tend to spread and “wag” their tails to indicate to one another that a nesting site has been found and it should be checked out. At the same time they have a “chatttering” call which appears to be an excited one.

After a couple have found the box it seems to the observer that they never seem to go into it. They just land on the perch and poke their heads in. Then after a while they fly off and you think well,that’s that and the’re not going to breed, but as soon as you stop looking (they seem to sense that), they jump in. Of course during spring you will catch them going in and out while they go about their business raising the little ones.

Highly entertaining it all is….who needs to watch television.

What do you think???

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