Pardalotes Nesting

It’s nesting time for the Pardalotes.
Mom and Dad are flat out feeding the little chicks just behind the entrance of the nest box. I can hear them squawking loudly, more food, more food..

Dad's about to fly off for more food.

3 thoughts on “Pardalotes Nesting

  1. Looks great. Aren’t the little guys entertaining, and easy to get them to nest. I guess you know the wing spreading thing they do to each other near the box is not courtship. It’s aggression, and they sometimes really get stuck into it, falling down to the ground fighting. I know this for a fact as we’ve done a study using banded birds, and the wing spreaders are usually other birds wanting to steal the nest site.

  2. Another thing we discovered from our study is that after the young fledge, another pair take over the box. The original owners are busy feeding the fledglings, who sometimes leave the nest a bit too soon, and can’t fly very well. I find them on the ground occasionally making a plaintive call for mum and dad to come and feed them, or maybe they’re feeling exposed and frightened.. I always put them somewhere out of harms way, usually in the shed. This doesn’t bother the adults at all. They fly in through a gap at the top of the gable. This might be bad business practice, as they are nesting in boxes I have stacked in the shed to sell.

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