Feral bees sting birds to death.

Truth!!!!!   When you purchase a cheap nest box elsewhere then this will happen if they haven’t been specially bee-proofed. Fair enough I guess if you want to install bee boxes in the sky, but the native animals miss out. But, don’t despair …please call us. We offer a bee relocation service, at a cost, of course. You see, with our boxes we research into what the bees hate and design the box accordingly. There are other tricks that you can do to stop them….But please don’t ask for the secret… It’s only taken us 15 years to find the answer. It’s called a commercial advantage. We believe in the animals welfare through constructing long life, bee resistant boxes and not a quick fix for a humans back pocket.

Too late to save them.

2 thoughts on “Feral bees sting birds to death.

    • The European honey is not really poisonous as such. It’s just part of their makeup to enter a space and sting an animal to death.They want the home for their own. What it means that the native animals miss out on a home which belongs rightly to them.

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