Baby Owls

Yes, it is possible to attract an owl to your backyard. By installing a special owl box, you will provide a home to one of the most beautiful birds in Australia. The Southern Boobook owl. This year, I’ve been lucky. A pair of owls nested in one of my boxes. Now, causing all sorts of consternation’s for the local birds, two baby owls are hopping from branch to branch, discovering a new back yard to explore. The local birds are going berserk. Why, at night the owl is king, so as the day birds sleep, they might be the next takeaway meal for the owl.

2 thoughts on “Baby Owls

  1. Dear Joe

    Do you think there is any real chance of attracting an owl of some sort to my backyard, and if so will it discourage other birds? What other birds would I have a reasonable chance of attracting? What would you recommend?

    All the best for the new year and beyond.


    • Will,
      Give me a call on the mobile so we can chat about. Generally I find the owls don’t discourage the other birds. They seem to live in harmony. I mean the birds go berserk for a while then eventually give up. The owls don’t seem to be bothered by it at all.

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