The Story of Nestboxes

My hobby of making nesting boxes began when my partner and I, moved to our home in a street with some big trees. I made a box from pickets and put it in a tree in our garden. Amazingly, a southern boobook owl was soon raising babies in it. Eager for more bird action, I improved my bird box design and produced different sizes for different birds. I then installed them around our property,also donated them to our neighbours and we realised the occupancy rate was 100 per cent. Once the birds find my box, competition is fierce.

The shortest time I’ve known a bird to move in after I’ve put up the box is one hour. I soon learned that many birds require hollows to nest in trees but trees don’t develop hollows for a century or more. By putting a nest box up, I can turn a 20 year-old tree into a 200 year-old habitat tree immediately.

This realisation sent me on a mission – to provide homes for wildlife in urban areas — and allow other people the pleasure of having animals live and breed in their backyard. Since then, Nestboxes has been building and rehabilitating lost habitat for local wildlife.

— Joe Tonga

My first owl box

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Great job Joe I can’t wait to receive my boxes and see some results.I have lots of birds competing for 3 hollows and my kids are very excited.John

    • Hi John,
      Well, these birds won’t know what hit them. Homes coming from all directions..Many hours of pleasure coming up. The kids will love them.
      Will get stuck into them..

      • Joe,
        Went outside today and counted over 200 pink and greys plus numerous other species feeding on our property.They are always here and seem to love the area.Our 3 hollows are occupied and my boys are going to do a project on our new nest boxes when they arriv

  2. Hello Joe I am John Steins son Michael and I cant till Monday to see you climb up and hang the nesting boxes in the trees thanks a lot.

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