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Brush-tailed Phascogale nesting box

Introducing an exciting new design….Unlike other companies we are always researching ways to build feral bee resistant homes for native animals. In this particular instance we’ve carefully studied the Brush-tailed Phascogale that lives in the South-West of Western Australia. The current standard timber box for these critters is quite small but even then the feral … Continue reading

Ringtailed Possum finds a home

Sometimes caring for animals who need homes is like living on a little island. This is surrounded by a sea of humanity that don’t think much about the sharing this planet with the animals in this world. But every now and again I find an moving story regarding nesting boxes. This is one of them. … Continue reading

Bob the Barn owl finds a new home

Deep in the suburbs of Perth, Western Australia, lies a bush reserve called Bibra Lake. This falls under the local council umbrella named City of Cockburn. Thanks to these wonderful bunch of caring people, Bob the Barn Owl, has found a new home. As you may know Bob needs a very large and old tree … Continue reading

The Owl Box

< It takes hundreds of years for a tree to provide a hollow large enough to support an owl, but you don’t need to wait that long. By installing an owl box there is a good chance you could be blessed with this king of the night. It’s something primeval and haunting at the same … Continue reading

The Pardalote Box

These birds are just simply beautiful to watch. They generally are difficult to observe because they are so small in physical size. They’re built more like a finch. How do you know if you have them in your garden. It’s the distinctive call which identifies them. A strong clear,sharp, “witta-witta” sound. They are very choosy … Continue reading

The Parrot Box

Having one of these in your garden will keep you throughly entertained by their antics and parenting behaviour. Watch the mum near the entrance cooing and making strange noises trying to entice the fledglings out from the nest. They all bunch up with their heads poking out trying to sum up the courage to jump … Continue reading

Cheap nest boxes

Is this what you really want??? Yes, this what happens when you choose a box that has not been feral honey bee resistant. Ours have…. We don’t believe in building boxes that the feral honey bees like. They have their own white boxes out in the fields. The reality is they enter a common nest … Continue reading

DIY Bat Box

So you’re keen to build your own bat box…. It’s not that difficult but you will need some woodworking skills such as using a power saw. The idea is to go to your local Bunnings store and purchase some 16mm plywood. The length of the rear panel is 525mm. The front panel is 255mm. Width … Continue reading